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Carnival Sensations Caribbean Society is run completely by volunteers and operates only through fund raising efforts which include seeking sponsorship, local performances and events. We need all the support we can get whether in cash or in kind. If you would like more information, please contact us for a complete opportunity package.

In 2008 we became a Registered Society. We offer companies a great way to increase brand recognition and showcase their product while showing their support for a grass roots community based, multicultural project. Follow the link below to see some of our current sponsors.

Past Sponsors

Thank You! Your contributions have helped us continually reach new heights and tackle larger and more engaging projects - we truly would not be here without your support!

If you're interested in sponsoring us and would like to know more of our past sponsors, a past sponsor profile list is here

We realize that many companies and individuals may want to support us in less formal or in smaller ways than official sponsorship. The links below allow for such donations. Any support is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance.

Individual Donations

Thank You! Your contribution will go a long way towards ensuring that we are able to continue delivering the cultural and community based programs & events that we have in the past

Junior Limer
Senior Limer
True Limer
Ultimate Limer

Show your support of Carnival Sensations. All donations go directly to materials needed to make the costumes.

Sponsorship Information Package/Forms

Please complete this short Sponsor Information Package. Two-pages inclusive, this package details current sponsorship opportunities and provides a short form to return to us ith your sponsorship information and desired commitment. Thanks for sponsoring us! Your contributions go a long way towards helping us to keep doing what we do.
Contact Us for more information