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Why is Carnival Sensations not participating in the Caribbean Days Festival Parade in North Vancouver anymore?

CS has a vision for the evolution of Caribbean culture and is working towards bringing a true Carnival experience to Vancouver. The T&T Association has afforded us great opportunities to gain exposure and build momentum but we ultimately differ on our goals for the futures of our respective Societies.

Why did Carnival Sensations choose to participate in the Vancouver Pride Parade?

The Pride Parade allows CS to become more involved in the wider community and to bring our vibes to the largest crowd in Vancouver: 600,000 people! The Pride Parade is the largest and longest parade we can give you, which means over 3 hours of jamming on the road! We want to be a part of history as the first full Caribbean entry to enter the Pride Parade in a show of support of equality for all! The best part? Pride starts at 12:00PM so no more early morning 8:00AM calls for masqueraders!

What does this mean for the future of Carnival Sensations and its masqueraders?

CS is not going anywhere! We plan to maintain the energy and vibes we have built over the last six years; we want all who enjoy CS and our fetes to continue to participate in our new and exciting ventures while we work towards bringing Carnival to Vancouver! We will keep you updated on our plans for the future, and encourage you to visit our website at www.carnivalsensations.ca or check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/carnival.sensay.

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