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Board of Directors

Hello & Welcome!

Rehana was born in Barbados, and can be found waving a Bajan flag on the dancefloor, on the road, and anywhere a flag deserves to be waved. Her first introduction to Carnival Sensations was in 2010 when she joined them on the road in the Pure Soca Elements band, and she’s been hooked ever since.

Rehanna Bacchus
Editorial Director

Nice to meet!

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Sharmila Bacchus
Editorial Director

Whats Up!

Ramona is a founding member of Carnival Sensations and has been the President for the last five years. She’s usually having the time of her life, jammin’ away on the dance floor or creating her own dance floor. She believes being on the road with CS is one of the best ROAD experiences because the atmosphere and energy is in synch with everyone’s passion for Carnival!! That’s why she continues to work towards THE EVOLUTION OF CARNIVAL IN VANCOUVER – towards Vancouver’s own Caribbean Carnival with masqueraders and revellers TAKING OVER THE STREETS of Vancouver!

Ramona Cruickshank
Design Director


Farinah was born and raised in BC, but is a through and through island girl at heart. She started volunteering with Carnival Sensations last year and was immediately drawn to the energy of the group. While new to the team, Farinah is excited and enthusiastic to bring the “social” to social media.

Farinah Kadir
Community Director

Nice to meet!

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Jhoely Triana
Finance Director

Volunteers looking for an exciting non-profit?

We’re Creative

If you're looking for an opportunity that's more hands on and creative, we thingk we'll be the perfect fit

We’re Fun

Building volunteer hours shouldn't have to be a chore. We make the experience as fun as possible - you'll be able to join in all aspects of our events, from costume planning, to design and creation, and of course, the party! final delivery ;)

Events & Awards

Everyone likes to win an award. We... we've won quite a few over the years, taking part in some of the most fun cultural events that Vancouver has to offer - and you'll be a part of that too!
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